Locked in Warwick Castle tower with no way out.

AJ Lyndon was researching treatment of Royalist prisoners of war in 1640s England when she became locked in Guy’s Tower, Warwick Castle for real. The walls were 10 feet thick and the heavy, iron bound door was bolted from the outside.
“It was a party of French school kids,” Lyndon said. “Luckily, help was at hand. My guide had a hand- held radio. Clearly this had happened before. It was actually pretty exciting to experience for real how my characters felt, even for a few minutes.”
Lyndon’s incarceration was no more than 10 minutes. The characters in her novel “The Welsh Linnet” are less lucky. Young Royalist officers, captured at the Battle of Edgehill in 1642, are confined there for months at the mercy of the sadistic prison governor.