AJ Lyndon on “Writing a Historical Novel”

AJ Lyndon will be talking on “Writing a Historical Novel” at the St Kilda Library writers series on October 19th 2017.

https://www.eventbrite.com.au/o/port-phillip-library-service-5024205967 link to be updated later

“Without Hopton’s foot, the odds against them were overwhelming. He could only hope that death for him, for Harry and for all Byron’s men would be swift, and that they would receive Christian burial. He shuddered at the thought his corpse might be left upon the Down to rot, feasted on by crows until nothing remained of him but bones bleaching among the poppies. Tales abounded of the unquiet ghosts who refought the battle in the fields below Edgehill. Would Byron’s men haunt the Down in years to come, a restless and wild eyed horde charging into the guns of Waller’s army for evermore?”

Extract from The Welsh Linnet ©AJ Lyndon 2017